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Relógios planos

The big advantage of a flat watch is that it is lightweight and it almost looks like you are not wearing a watch. In addition, a flat watch is also very elegant and practical when you wear long sleeves or a shirt; Your thin watch fits perfectly underneath! On this page we have collected all slim watches for men and women with a case thickness of up to 6.5 mm.

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When is a watch a flat or (ultra) thin watch?

We speak of a flat or (ultra) thin watch when the case is thinner than the average thickness for the diameter of the case. For example: an average 40 mm diameter quartz watch is between 9 and 11 mm thick. So we call a 40mm quartz watch flat if it is thinner than 8mm and ultra-thin if it is thinner than 6.5mm. 40mm mechanical watches are 13mm thick on average. A thin automatic watch is thinner than 10 mm. 

What are the thinnest watches?

Quartz watches are generally flatter and thinner than automatic watches because a mechanical movement takes up more space than a simple mechanism with a chip and a small battery. The larger the watch, the thicker it is on average. And a watch will also become thicker as it contains more functions. 
And finally, small women's watches are usually thinner than the larger sizes of men's watches. 

Which brands make the thinnest watches?

Scandinavian design brands such as Bering and Skagen are most strongly represented in our range of flat watches. Design watches have a minimalistic and slim profile and are ideally suited for a thinner version. Another brand with many ultra-thin watches in their collection is Swatch. This is the unique selling point of the Skin and Skin Irony watches! 
And then there are different brands with separate lines of thin and flat watches. For example: Tissot, Boccia and Raymond Weil. 

Advantages of a flat and thin watch 

Flat watches are lightweight and do not look obtrusive. For people with smaller wrists, a thin watch can be more comfortable and flat watches are also comfortable to wear under clothing with long sleeves. But slim watches are also simply beautiful and often an example of refined watchmaking craftsmanship! If you are looking for an elegant, understated and lightweight watch for every day, then a flat and thin watch is definitely a good choice. 

Flat watches for men and women

Flat watches for men and women are available in different sizes and made of different materials. If you are mainly looking for a very lightweight watch, it is recommended to choose a flat watch made of a lightweight material such as titanium or plastic. 

Buy flat watches at 

Buy flat watches from well-known brands at You can choose when you want your order delivered to the address of your choice. You can also have your watch delivered to a collection point.